Ditch the Ladder … the Light Bulb Changer launches on December 1, 2022!

I am excited to share with you my patent and patent-pending invention.

The Light Bulb Changer is able to safely replace any BR 30 or BR 20 high hat lightbulb with ease. Simply thread the included reverse thread adapter onto your existing handle and follow our included instructions.

The package contains important safety information which must be read, important instructions, a reverse thread adapter, the Light Bulb Changer base, two pieces of double-sided tape, and if needed, a Broken Light Bulb Remover.

I am asking for your help in reviewing this new product as well as reviewing all the written material here-in for feedback, input, and advice for corrections and suggestions (both positive and negative) which will help improve the product and written documentation.

You will be among the first to receive my initial run of these units which will be available for sale starting 12/01/22, on this website.

Again, please feel free to leave whatever positive or negative comments you may have so I can correct what may be a shortcoming or deficiency before my next production run of 5,000 units.

I will be selling these units for $49.50 each plus S&H and any applicable sales tax, if any, Also, I am asking for an additional donation of $.50 which I will match so I can donate $1.00 to charities listed at the bottom of the order page.

Additionally, I will be selling replacement double-sided tape, 3 in a package for $12.50 plus S&H and any applicable sales tax, if any.

So, there you have it. My hand at entrepreneurship for what I hope will culminate in a successful endeavor.

I thank you for your interest, help, support, and response with this project.


Larry Kratish
Lawrence Sales Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 28495
Panama City, FL 32411